Kowshik Raman
Superintendent of New York Territory

Kowshik Raman was hired under John Vaccarino & Alex Getelman in September of 2019 to run a warehouse build out for one of their top clients. He has worked alongside of John for many years, and has been able to use the knowledge instilled in him to advance his career. Kowshik possess a NYC DOB superintendents license since 2015. This enables him to take any building from the ground up to 10 stories in any of the 5 boroughs.

Kowshik vast array of projects range from an outdoor amphitheater, roadwork, luxury hotels, & high end kitchens to building one of the only suspended mezzanines in Manhattan outside of MSG. His experience has gained him the trust of architects and engineers to be able remedy site/drawing variations with his own means & methods. He provides detailed schedules for all of his sub-contractors and works diligently alongside of them to ensure they meet or beat the deadlines.