Paul Drozdzal
Project Manager of New York Territory

Paul started his career as a supervisor working for an environmental company at Ground Zero, after the 9/11/01 attack. Right after completing this cleanup project, Paul was promoted to a project manager position in charge of a multi-million environmental remediation service contract with NYC SCA. In 2014, he joined a general contractor from NYC and was responsible for healthcare accounts at the senior project manager position.

Paul was the main point of contact with some of the biggest healthcare institutions in NYC, responsible for all aspects of client relations and running healthcare projects. He successfully completed some of the most difficult healthcare projects including X-ray rooms, Cath Labs, and multi-phased projects on active hospital units. His knowledge of the construction industry and all aspects of working from the field at the hospital, communication, and meetings with hospital engineering and safety staff, made him a great addition to the Unity team when he joined in 2021.