13,000 sq. ft. complete renovation on the 6th Floor IT space for Lord Abbett & Co. at their scenic corporate headquarters located at 90 Hudson St. in Jersey City, NJ.

This space is transcendent for Lord Abbett & Co. IT’s department with the open floor plan, exposed ceilings, ductwork, sprinkler piping and pendant light fixtures throughout the main office area.  Breakout huddle rooms and private offices align the interior perimeter of the space.  Along the Hudson River is the executive office and conference room.

In the middle of the floor plan are the focal points of the space. First, a glass enclosed stadium, lined with custom millwork bench seating, allows for IT presentations and team tutorials and second, the Coffee House with a 22’ long pantry island and booth seating, provide an atmosphere for collaboration and team meeting.

Duration:  15 weeks
Value:  $2,000,000