Unity Construction Develops New IT department for New Jersey headquarters of Wealth Management Firm Lord Abbett & Company

To meet the diverse technology and communications needs of wealth managers in a globally active firm’s headquarters requires a technology department that can make that global work possible. The recent IT department buildout project for wealth management firm Lord Abbett & Company shows how technology, work spaces, communication and flow must come together to create a space that fulfills the needs of the investment professional team.

The project’s scope required creation of an ultra-modern and connected IT department by renovating 13,000 sq. ft. of space on the 6th floor of the modern office complex that had been their headquarters since 2000. The investment management firm was a growing anchor tenant of the highly desirable office complex located at 90 Hudson St. in Jersey City, NJ along the Hudson river. While the firm had carved out more than 272,127 s/f to create its headquarters, they were now ready to create a modern IT department within that space.

With the needs of a digitally transformative IT department as the foundation for operational efficiency, the firm partnered with Unity Construction for a complete renovation to create a central hub department that could accommodate a large and diverse IT team. The goal was to create an IT department space with an open floor plan that provided the workspaces for a large IT team where each member had semi private space with open line of site and communication possibilities across team members.

The glass enclosed stadium, which is lined with custom millwork bench seating for IT presentations and team tutorials is another major focal points of the space. These central spaces would be flanked by breakout huddle rooms, private offices the executive office and the glass-enclosed conference room that would line the interior perimeter of the space.

To ensure that the team had the comforts and amenities needed for relaxing as well as productive breaks, a modern Coffee House space was created with a 22’ long pantry island and booth seating to provide an atmosphere for collaboration and team meeting. The overall design of the space would be a mix of modern, ergonomic seating and workspaces.

This floor space would provide a nod to industrial loft openness via exposed ceilings, ductwork, sprinkler piping and pendant light fixtures throughout the main office area. To increase the perceived ceiling height and maintain an airy openness.

The outward appearance of the clean, modern and light space belies the complex innerworkings concealing miles of cabling. A combination of purpose-designed modular furnishings and integrated spaces were constructed to conceal the cable plant while providing the needed access points in the design.

Collectively this would deliver the compute and visualization connectivity required by an IT firm providing cloud, communications and application access to a global financial team. The project was completed on a short track of 15 weeks at a cost of $2,000,000 and poises the company for continued growth and agility in the digital age.

As one of the oldest money management firms in the country, Lord Abbett has provided generations of clients with a quality investment experience, helping them to reach their financial goals. The independent, privately held firm has 65 partners Assets under management worth $157.7 billion and boast more than 160 investment professionals with an average of 18 years of industry experience located in their New Jersey headquarters.