Unity Construction Welcomes Sheri Isler as the Director of Project Development

Unity Construction Services is pleased to announce the addition of Sheri Isler as the company’s Director of Project Development. As a crucial role in the ongoing and future growth of Unity, Sheri is an ideal fit that brings the experience as well as communication and innovative thinking skills that are tailor-made for our culture and our clients.

With more than 32 years in new business development, Sheri’s storied career trajectory is fueled by strong business relationships that bring tangible, bottom-line benefits to all involved. This can be seen in her successful track record for business relocation in the Real Estate sectors where she has worked with multidisciplinary teams to gain consensus of outcomes.

That success has been acknowledged on the broader stage by her recognition as one of nine “Women of the Year” in real estate by the Women’s Fund of New Jersey for a complex relocation project. It can also be seen in her work with a major development for the New Jersey Institute of Technology where she was handpicked by the project’s architects of record.

For Sheri, working collaboratively to achieve mutual goals starts with supporting others and drawing inspiration from them. By coupling this approach with a relentless pursuit of excellence and strong negotiation skills, Sheri has built a stellar reputation and career that continues to evolve. As a woman executive that has earned the respect and admiration of corporate leaders, Sheri also works to pass those skills along to help other women to attain their goals. All of these attributes are what keeps her on the radar of numerous business leaders, including Unity Construction Owner Bob Hertling.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sheri on many occasions in the past and always admired her skills, intelligence and approach to business development,” said Hertling. “We’ve forged a strong, trusting relationship over the years, so I’m supremely confident that she’s the perfect person to help Unity grow while helping us build even stronger client relationships.”

Sheri’s relentless pursuit of business development excellence is driven by careful needs analysis and effective communication across the client spectrum. It has been that ability to speak the language while understanding the pain points and needs of each person across businesses and sectors that fuels her success. According to Unity Construction’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs Linda Mazzola, that’s a winning combination for Unity moving forward:

“I can’t tell you how excited we are to have someone like Sheri who brings such vast experience and successes in helping clients meet their corporate goals,” said Mazzola. “She comes not only with an understanding of the many players within the corporate world and the sectors that we serve, but also an intuitive understanding of our own corporate culture. That’s clearly reflected in her integrity and ability to collaborate and communicate in ways that bring teams together.”

Sheri is dedicated to self-improvement in her professional life as well as in her personal life. She demonstrates that through attendance at varying professional teaching programs and participation in groups such as CREW, IOREBA, NAIOP, and others.

Having watched Unity grow and prosper into a team of some of the construction and design industry’s leading professionals, Sheri couldn’t be more excited about becoming a member and contributor to that team. “Unity has a stellar reputation in the construction industry, and I wanted to be a part of that and support that continued growth, so when the opportunity arose for me to work with Bob and the team, I jumped at the chance,” explained Isler.

Lifelong learning, mutual respect and continually working to strengthen relationships are all mantras that Sheri continually espouses. That is reflected in her 19-year marriage to respected esthetic dentist and international teacher Stuart Isler. While the couple have lived in New York City before making a home in Kinnelon, New Jersey, they continue to have an ongoing love of travel and experiencing different cultures.

In addition, both are avid skiers and tennis players that also make involvement in the arts a cornerstone of their life through theater, book clubs and film. Sheri and Stuart have two dogs: A German Shepherd named Wallander and golden retriever named Langley. Sheri holds a bachelor of science degree from the College of New Jersey and a master’s degree in industrial psychology from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Let’s all welcome Unity Construction’s new Director of Project Development Sheri Isler to the team as she helps us to forge new business relationships in 2018 and beyond.