Project Spotlight: Infusion Center for Mount Sinai Hospital

Healthcare Construction ProjectIn a significant leap forward for healthcare in Staten Island, Unity Construction has proudly completed the construction of a new Infusion Center for Mount Sinai Hospital. This cutting-edge facility is not just a building; it’s a beacon of hope and healing, designed to provide patients with the most advanced care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Explore the details of this medical facility construction project, highlighting the key features and innovations that set the Infusion Center apart.

State-of-the-Art Exam and Infusion Rooms

At the heart of the Infusion Center are nine contemporary exam rooms and twelve infusion rooms, each crafted to offer a sanctuary for treatment. These spaces are equipped with the latest in medical technology while also focusing on patient comfort. With adjustable lighting, plush seating, and soothing color schemes, these rooms promote relaxation and well-being during treatment.

Advanced Laboratory and Onsite Pharmacy

A hallmark of the Infusion Center is its cutting-edge laboratory, which facilitates the prompt processing of tests and results, ensuring patients receive timely and accurate care. The convenience of an onsite pharmacy further enhances the patient experience, allowing for immediate access to prescribed medications. This seamless integration of essential medical services underscores Unity Construction’s commitment to creating a facility that meets the comprehensive needs of its patients.

Innovative MEP Systems

The Unity Construction team installed all-new types of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems on the rooftop, above the 8th floor, to guarantee uninterrupted operations throughout the facility. This strategic placement ensures that the systems are easily accessible for maintenance while remaining unobtrusive to the patients and staff within the building, thereby maintaining the center’s tranquil atmosphere.

Reliable Backup Power

Understanding the critical nature of continuous power supply in healthcare settings, a robust 100KW generator was strategically placed on the 8th floor. This generator is poised to provide essential backup power, particularly for the pharmacy, ensuring that vital medications remain available and effective, even in the event of a power outage.

Aesthetic and Functional Architectural Finishes

The project also included the installation of new architectural finishes, flooring, millwork, and glass, enhancing the center’s overall aesthetic appeal and functionality. These elements were chosen not only for their durability and ease of maintenance but also for their ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for patients, visitors, and staff.

Medical Facility Construction Project

Focus on Healing Environments

From the layout of the exam and infusion rooms to the selection of calming colors and textures, the environment is tailored to promote healing and well-being. This design approach reflects an understanding of the importance of the physical environment in the healing process.

In conclusion, the new Infusion Center at Mount Sinai Hospital in Staten Island is a testament to Unity Construction’s expertise in medical facility construction services. By prioritizing advanced technology, patient comfort, and operational efficiency, Unity Construction has delivered a project that not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of healthcare providers and their patients.

Our experienced team is ready to bring your vision to life today and help you get started on your medical facility construction project. We will ensure your facility is equipped to meet the demands of modern healthcare and provide the best possible care to your patients every time. Together, let’s build spaces that heal.