General Contracting

Unity Construction Services, Inc. is one of New Jersey and New York’s top contractors. We work with local clients, commercial real estate companies, architects, and building/property management firms to provide them with the best commercial construction services possible. We assist our clients by implementing value analysis programs and providing detailed budgeting and scheduling. Our expertise takes projects from design and development through finished construction. These services ensure timely and efficient delivery of the finished project and ensure we meet the highest possible standards of quality with on-time completion.


  • Corporate Interiors
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Ground Up


Construction Management

As a Construction Manager, Unity acts on behalf of the client – we serve as the owner’s agent during the pre-construction and construction process. This procedure is contracted directly with the client. Unity becomes a member of the project team, which also includes the owner and designer, but our primary role is to represent our client throughout the project.

As such, we assist our clients early in the design process by providing top-quality pre-construction services, which include estimating, building evaluation, value engineering, long lead procurement, project scheduling, and all facets of the subcontractor bidding process.

The ability to build a project from early design through project completion encompasses every component of the construction process. We also have the trusted capability to provide a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) or convert the budget to a lump sum.


Scope of Commercial Construction Services


Building Evaluation:

Unity works closely with architects, real estate professionals, and corporate owners to evaluate potential buildings. We provide budget estimating and a valuation of existing building conditions to ensure cost and program requirements are met.

Budget Estimating:

During design development, we provide both conceptual and design development estimates. Utilizing our in-house estimating staff and historical database, we provide accurate cost models as design progresses.


Utilizing Microsoft Project, we develop both pre-construction and construction schedules, which depict both construction activities and consultants’ timelines.

Permits & Filing:

Unity manages the filing process to ensure permits are secured in a timely manner, and inspections are scheduled on site. Our existing relationships with many local New Jersey townships create a distinctive advantage.

Long-Lead Procurement:

We determine if any equipment or materials will have an impact on the project schedule. Our experienced team identifies and pre-purchases any items that may be a long-lead delivery.

Value Engineering:

Unity routinely provides value analysis on all components of the project. We look to implement cost-effective solutions by providing options for materials, equipment, and methods. This professional approach adds tremendous value to the project and benefits our clients immensely.

Subcontractor Bid/Award:

Utilizing an extensive database of pre-qualified subcontractors, Unity manages bidding, bid analysis, and subcontractor awards to ensure the highest quality personnel are available.

Project Management:

Unity provides overall management of all on-site construction. Utilizing automated project systems and experienced personnel, our people successfully manage all aspects of construction to ensure quality, cost, safety, and schedule requirements are met.

Coordination of Owner-Furnished Equipment and Providers:

During our pre-construction and construction services, we actively interface with the owner’s vendors, including telecommunications, data, furniture, and security to ensure schedules and installation are coordinated.