How Unity Construction Is Revitalizing the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and other medical facilities have been overwhelmed in recent years to accommodate the increasing number of patients. Many medical facilities have begun repurposing spaces as well as expanding their facilities. Not hiring the right healthcare contractor can cost time and money. 

What is healthcare construction, and why is it key to revitalizing the healthcare industry? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Healthcare Construction?

Healthcare construction services involve the specialized creation of renovating and building durable medical facilities that utilize current and evolving technology and best practices to create safer medical buildings that are more efficient and effective at providing modern healthcare. 

 Update or Start Fresh?

Successfully updating an outdated facility can be cumbersome and expensive, so it is important to work with a construction company that has experience and understands the specific needs. An experienced company understands trends in the healthcare industry and can assist their clients in several ways. 

Why Healthcare Construction Is So Important

The biggest benefit of hiring a top healthcare construction company is simple. You can create a more optimal medical facility by renovating your current space to make it more functional within budget and on time while maintaining the highest standard of quality. 

Facilities need to be ever evolving to keep up with new, upcoming technology in the medical field and to accommodate the growing need for more space. 

Hess Center at Mt. Sinai

An example of this is the recent project completed by Unity Construction Services, Inc. The Hess Center located at Mount Sinai West was renovated to accommodate new MRI and PET-CT rooms, as well as a new waterproof chiller room above. Existing rooms were also modified to house 4 injection rooms, 1 patient restroom and 6 support rooms.  

Unity Construction has also worked with Holy Name Medical Center at their new location in Hoboken, NJ. This project consisted of new exam and private restrooms, as well as a new team break room for staff, and a vestibule/waiting area for the patients. New ductwork, sprinkler piping and LED lighting were also installed. Additionally, Unity oversaw the underground plumbing and had a steel mezzanine installed to support seven new HVAC units.

Need another reason to go with an experienced healthcare construction provider? These expert specialists can help improve the aesthetic of your building. Instead of looking cold and clinical, they can make these spaces feel more like home.

Getting the Right Healthcare Construction Services

Holy Name Medical Center

The easy answer is to go with professionals with existing healthcare experience. The best ones provide both building evaluation and budget estimating. This helps the client get the optimal space without spending too much.

Speaking of the budget, look for companies that offer value engineering. At the end of the day, the goal is simple. You need to create modern buildings for modern medical needs. And you need a healthcare construction company that knows how to make it happen.

Hire Healthcare Construction Services Today!

Now you know what healthcare construction services are. And you know how these services can successfully rejuvenate the medical industry. But do you know where to find a company that can handle all your needs?

To discover what we can do for you, just contact our experts today!