Project Spotlight: Renovated $7M Dining Hall at William Paterson University

The dining hall at William Paterson University received a major upgrade in design to the tune of $5 million. This new addition has students, professors, and the entire town talking! With such a major upgrade, the project has been the talk of campus and highly anticipated. The 18,000-square-foot space boasts ten themed stations.

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The Renovated Dining Hall at William Paterson University

The renovated dining hall at William Paterson University is massive and can accommodate up to 530 diners at once. The interior of the renovated dining hall that was designed by the experienced team at Unity Construction Services. Some have compared its appearance to that of a luxury cruise!

The students have plenty of dining options available to them thanks to the ten small stations. Each station functions as a unique mini restaurant, so students will have plenty of dining variety as they grab a bite throughout the semester.

In addition to food, the brand new dining hall has USB charging ports to keep their phones and laptops powered up. It even features a hydroponic garden where you can see the university grow fresh ingredients used for meals!

Before Dining Hall Renovation

Good Design Makes People Take Notice

The dining hall is more than just a place to get food – it’s a major location for day-to-day socialization so it needed to be done correctly. In addition to keeping students happy, the renovation also serves as a marketing tool for the university.

The brand new hall is very popular among students. Since its opening, this new dining hall has been one of the main things students talk about on campus.

The new dining hall is also a great way to attract new students after seeing how much the college has invested in student happiness. Parents will be more likely to send their children to William Paterson University. In this way, the expensive renovation will pay for itself over time by boosting student enrollment.

William Patterson New Dining Hall

With More Choices, Everybody Wins

The design philosophy of the renovated dining hall blends older times with something more modern. The final product is something that everyone can enjoy.

For example, collecting several restaurant-like stations is reminiscent of a classic mall food court. However, such food courts facilities were often characterized by greasy, unhealthy foods.

This dining hall, though, has food prepared by in-house chefs using the freshest ingredients. Students can order pizza, coffee, pastries, burgers, and more. The stations also provide vegetarian and vegan-friendly options and food for those with extreme allergies.

To top things off, the local university provides QR codes at each table. Students can scan these codes and offer feedback about the food. Over time, the dining hall staff will make changes to the food offered based on student feedback!

The Construction Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Now you know more about what makes the dining hall at William Paterson University so special. But do you know who can make your own construction dreams come true?

Here at Unity, we’re very proud of what we did for William Paterson University. But we believe our greatest work is still ahead of us. To learn more about how our experienced team can provide the top-quality construction solutions you’ve been looking for, contact us today!

Watch our time lapse video of the project here!