Ann Katliarov
Project Coordinator

Ann joined Unity in 2016, with over nineteen years in the construction industry. Her experience includes ground-up buildings, interior renovations, parking structures and LEED projects. Prior to joining Unity, she was with a real estate investment firm in Westchester, where she was fully immersed in the Port Chester Waterfront Development project, working with such retail clients as DSW, AMC Movie Theatre, Panera Bread, Costco, Walgreens and Stop & Shop. She has completed interior renovation projects which ranged from $400,000 to $30,000,000 for clients such as Tory Burch, First Reserve, Julius Michael Salon, The Westchester Bank, and the Hyatt Hotel.

Ann has Certificate in Health Care Construction and has a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from Oneonta State University. She is acting as a Project Coordinator, where she provides support to the entire project management team on various projects. Her experience in the field and within the office contributes to positive interactions with our clients, architects, subcontractors and vendors to create a seamless project management team.

Now as a member of Unity’s team she has brought her 27 years of expertise for the benefit of new clients. She will develop new projects through her continued networking contacts to offer their clients Unity’s value-added services