Regal Cinemas Tangram


Unity Construction Services, Inc. is proud to share the details of from our recent movie theater construction project for a build-out of a seven-screen new state-of-the-art movie theater in Flushing Queens for Regal Cinemas. Working with developer F&T Group and SCG America, Regal is occupying a 38,000 square foot multiplex within, the new 1.2 million-square-foot, mixed-use development. Regal is the first theater to open in Downtown Flushing in 30 years time. Tangram’s seven-screen theater will feature the latest in groundbreaking cinema technology including 4DX, which allows the audience to uniquely connect with movies through motion vibration, and environmental effects such as wind and rain. This is the first 4DX location in Queens. Our professional movie theater builders worked with the architecture firm, JKRP, to best create details like shiny black stretch ceilings, black back-painted glass on columns and walls, patterned floor tile, concession area, a full bar, and European lounge chairs in each local theater.

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