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Are you planning to renovate your office? The experts at Unity Construction Services are here to help. 

Updating your office space can open doors for your company by creating an inviting work environment, which boosts creativity and efficiency. Expanding meeting rooms, creating open floor plans, adding larger kitchen spaces, or constructing a gym can all be incentives for your employees. 

To get started with an office renovation, you need an expert team on your side. Unity Construction Services’ can guide you. Below you’ll find some of our top project ideas that can help inspire your next renovation. 

Top Renovation Projects

Previous Office Renovation Project

Unity Construction Services, Inc. transformed the New York City Human Resources Administration. As the General Contractor for this project, 2- floors totaling 66,000 square feet of office space were renovated. HRA is an anchor tenant in the new out of the ground, mixed-use building. The scope of work consisted of a build-out of private and open offices, classrooms, children’s place, reception areas, security/ IT rooms, training rooms, waiting rooms, interview rooms, conference rooms, staff pantries, and multiple bathrooms and ADA toilets.

Another office renovation project Unity Construction has worked on is Samsung’s Cafe, Gym and Lounge. New LVT and rubber flooring were installed in the Fitness Center and walkway areas. Restroom renovations included new wall and floor tile, vanities, lockers and LED lighting. 

Our Office Renovation Services

A new pantry and bar area, work pods, and conference rooms were also added to enhance creativity with team members. In the Cafe, a new exhaust hood system and all new food service equipment packages inclusive of hot/cold/deli/salad stations were installed.

Renovation projects can even span as far as custom interior design work, such as unique tiles, flooring, and decorating. Maybe you want to add a gym to your office or expand your employees’ lunch break room, for example. We advise you hire a professional and plan a budget. 


How Much Will an Office Renovation Cost?

Construction costs have increased due to high construction demand, inflation, supply chain issues and long-lead items but, one of the prominent contributors is the cost of materials.

The cost to renovate your office will depend on a few important things, such as your square footage, professional fees and material costs. 

However, shortages and demand may also play a role in labor expenses. Your contractor team can sit down with you and plan a budget and timeline to help you feel more at ease with your new office renovation project. Even simple changes like adding a small room for meetings or additional office space can add value. 

What Does Unity Construction Services Offer?

Unity assists its clients by implementing value analysis programs and providing detailed budgeting and scheduling. Our expertise takes projects from design and development through finished construction. These services ensure timely and efficient delivery of the finished project and ensure we meet the highest possible standards of quality with on-time completion.

Why Renovation Projects Are Important? 

Renovation projects in your office can expand spacing, improve lighting, or highlight your company features. 

If you spend 40 hours or more at the office, it is essential that your space successfully highlights your company’s goals and facilitates productivity. The experts at Unity Construction Services can help you get started. 

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